The Blog…is Back!!

Oh it is good to be back! After going on a hiatus since last October, The Skinny On Sports blog is back and better and than ever! Previously on Blogger, I have decided to move over to WordPress as I feel that the it is much more sophisticated and, well, I like it better. (FYI, the blog may change over the next few days/weeks since I am still toying with the layout)

For those of you that may be confused as to where I went, I picked up the position of Director of Media/Sports Editor at Beyond Sports Network. While I love my work there, and continue to do so still, I just couldn’t get my mind off of The Blog. So, I decided to bring it back!

For more information regarding The Blog, I invite you to check out the drop-down menu titled “About” and find “About the Blog”. Also, you can read up on your favorite sports writer, me, as well as find our where/how to contact me if you have any feedback.

Feel free to click around the site and see what else I have added and have been up to in the months that I was away.

In the meantime, I look forward to bringing you the latest in D.C. sports. Without further adieu, check out my post regarding Danny Espinosa filling in for Denard Span at leadoff this afternoon for the Nats.


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