Redskins Players Love To Bowl

I don’t know why, but last night I thought this was goofy. Niles Paul simply tweeted out…

And the fire storm that ensued from teammates Jordan Bernstine and Richard Crawford was downright hilarious. (In all honesty, if you think that the “insults thrown out are heartfelt, you’re wrong. These guys were just poking fun and it was funny.) Crawford showed a little bit of love for his teammate…

To which Jordan Bernstine replied with…

To which Richard Crawford decided to poke a little fun and stir the pot by using emoticons that look like rolling eyeballs…

Which obviously hurt Niles Paul’s feelings. Turns out, they all may have gone bowling together!

To which Jordan Bernstine promptly replied (Pardon the language. Again, these were just poking fun at each other.)

From there, it got off topic. But, this has sparked an idea inside my little sports dominated brain…

Redskins Charity Bowling Tournament anyone?!?!



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