Why You Need To Read Michael Vick’s “Finally Free”

English: Mike Vick with Philadelphia

English: Mike Vick with Philadelphia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Personally, I’m not one for books. Unless it’s an ESPN The Magazine or a Sports Illustrated, I’m not one for reading at all. That, however, changed after I read Michael Vick’s book Finally Free.

When I picked up my copy, I honestly didn’t plan on finishing it. At least not as fast as I did. Usually, I’ll “read” a book over the course of a couple of months before I finally reach the end. For Finally Free, that wasn’t the case.

What compelled me to pick up the book was the fascinating story behind it. A football hero gets into trouble, get’s locked up in one of Americas most notorious prisons, get’s in serious financial trouble, and yet returns to the football field just two years after being locked up.

And not only did he return to the football field, he took the NFL world by storm and was awarded the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award in 2010.

With all that in mind, I picked up my copy, opened to the first page, and began to read Finally Free.

And I didn’t put it down until I finished.

Michael Vick’s book is quite possibly the most compelling book I have ever read. The twists and turns, highs and lows, and the tell-all nature of the book will having you reading it over and over again. I’ve read it three times and I will likely read it again before the summer is over.

Aside from telling his side of the story, Vick also explains how he got to where he is today. The relationships, especially with Tony Dungy, the trials and tribulations in his personal life, and the lessons that he learned are all laid out in black and white in this real life novel.

Finally Free is more than just Michael Vick trying to show the world that he’s a changed man, it will also make you want to change your daily habits, as well. It is a reality check that no one is safe from law. It has inspired me to make some daily changes to my life. Those changes have led to a more fulfilling and enjoyable everyday life.

While it may be labeled as a book, reading Finally Free is more like an experience. Michael doesn’t hold back when he talks about what life has really been like for him. Many of things in this book will shock you and some of the stories are those that you have never heard before.

Even if you aren’t a book person, much like myself, Finally Free is a must read for everyone, not just sports fans. It’s a life-changing and eye opening look into the life of one of Americas most well known sports heroes.


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