Wizards to Pick 3rd Overall

300px-2006_NBA_DraftLast night, the NBA held their annual draft lottery to figure out the order of the 2013 NBA Draft in June. For the Washington Wizards, the odds said that they would pick 8th overall. The lottery, however, had other plans.

The Wizards had just a 4.8% chance at jumping up and taking the third overall spot. In sports, it’s often better to be lucky, than good. Last night, the Wizards had a lot of luck on their side as that 4.8% was more than enough and the Wizards were drawn third behind the Cleveland Cavaliers, first overall, and the Orlando Magic, second overall. You may recall that last season the Wizards had the third overall pick and selected Bradley Beal.

The Wizards are expected to look to improve the post positions in this draft after spending their top pick on shooting guard, and eventual All-NBA Rookie selection, Bradley Beal. With the third pick, the Wizards should have a number of fun and interesting options to choose from.

Unfortunately, it’s highly unlikely that Nerlens Noel will fall past the number one so don’t get your hopes up for that. Instead, the Wizards could select Anthony Bennett (PF – UNLV), Alex Len (C – UMD), Rudy Gobert (C – Cholet, International), or even Cody Zeller (C/PF – Indiana). However, some believe that this draft could see a number of trades and I believe the Wizards will have options if they want to trade down a couple of spots.

I don’t mean out of the top ten, but past Noel, the big man talent significantly drops off and we could likely see guards go early and often. For the Wizards, trading down could get them more picks in a draft that lacks flashy talent, but not depth. The Wizards could likely find a viable big man option in the second should they wait that long.

No matter where the Wizards want to select, they will have options. They could trade down a few spots six or seven and could still be able to pick up Alex Len, Gobert, or Zeller. Should they trade out of the top ten, you look at names like Mason Plumlee (C – Duke) and Kelly Olynyk (C – Gonzaga), and Steven Adams (C – Pittsburgh) as names that the Wizards could select.

A lot can happen between now and June 27th. Right now, Bradley Beal’s injury status is still uncertain and the Wizards could select a guard as insurance should Beals injury be more severe than once thought. Other trades could happen where the Wizards find themselves behind a team(s) that will take the player they were hoping to get. One things for certain, the scouting experience for these young players is sure to heat up now that teams know when and where they will be picking.

Stay tuned!!


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