Redskins Yearbook: Jordan Bernstine

(Photo: Blog So Hard Sports)

In this series called “Redskins Yearbook”, I will go back and revisit and repost interviews I’ve done with three of the Redskins rookies from last season. The first in this series is safety Jordan Bernstine. 

This past April the NFL hosted their annual entry level draft. The Redskins selected nine players in this years draft. In the seventh round, the Redskins selected cornerback Jordan Bernstine from Iowa.

Bernstine saw immediate playing time upon his arrival at Iowa. Prior to the 2009 season, Bernstine suffered an ankle injury and red-shirted that season. He returned to form for the 2010 season.

In his senior season for Iowa, he recorded 84 total tackles to go along with one sack. He also had 30 kick returns for 713 yards.

First off, looking back at your career for the University of Iowa, what is the fondest memory you have of playing for them?
“The fondest memory is probably going to the Orange Bowl and winning. That entire experience was amazing and something that I will always remember.”

Where were you when you received the call from the Redskins saying they were drafting you?
“I was actually sitting in my mom’s room playing PS3. I dropped everything and answered as quick as possible.”

What was the moment like when it was announced that the Redskins had drafted you and it became official?
“It was amazing! I didn’t see it on TV because I was walking outside still talking with the coaching staff. But I could hear my family screaming from inside the house and was just like a huge weight lifted. I’m grateful for the opportunity.”

How were you received when you first arrived at Redskins Park to be introduced?
“I was received with open arms. Everyone involved in the program that I spoke with was great. I’m looking forward to being in D.C.”

What are your expectations or goals that you have for yourself this season?
“My goal is to be a part of the Redskins and contribute in anyway possible, whether that is on special teams, sub packages, or playing safety. Anything I can do to help I’m completely open to.”

How are you going to contribute to and help improve the Redskins defense?
“I’m going to learn the system. And play hard and try to bring a level of physical play to the secondary.”

How do you plan to get involved in the Redskins community?
“I’m not sure yet. I’m open to any opportunities to help out in the community. It’s a new area to me and I’ll be doing anything I can do to help.”

Once you get that first paycheck, what is your first big purchase going to be?
“I’m not really sure. Probably a Mac Laptop. Nothing too crazy. I like to keep it simple.”

What excites you the most about becoming a Washington Redskin?
“The fact that it is my new home. They are giving me an outstanding opportunity and there is so much tradition and pride in Washington. Being able to be a part of it is like my dream come true.”


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