Donovan McNabb Needs To Mind His Own Business

RG3, right, and Donovan McNabb, left. (Photo:

Hey, Donovan, what’s the big idea? Quit being bitter because Redskins Nation has fallen in love with RG3 10-times faster than they fell in love with you. Maybe if you had been productive in your time in DC, Redskins fans would have loved you the way they love Robert Griffin III. 

Folks, I just don’t understand the scrutiny that Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has fallen under recently. I am begging one reader out there to give me one reason why RG3 deserves all the criticism that he has been enduring over the past couple of weeks. Before you respond…let me give you a few reasons that aren’t good answers and why…

Unacceptable Reason For Scrutiny Number One: Wedding Registry 

Why, of all the things that people could be upset about, are people upset about fans buying RG3 wedding gifts? It’s not like the guy tweeted the link to his wedding registry or posted it to Facebook. He never once posted a tweet saying “Hey fans! Buy me a wedding gift because, ya know, I’m RG3!!” In fact, I didn’t even know that he was getting married until all the commotion about this came up. And I’m a Redskins blogger!

So what he posted a photo? He didn’t caption it by saying “Look at all my money!!!” In an interview with Mike Wise, Donovan McNabb said that RG3 posting that photo was “almost like throwing it in the people’s face that bought you things.” How? I’m sure that the folks that bought RG3 those things were honored and probably thought I bought that brown box that RG3 is sitting on top of!! Maybe Donovan is just upset that nobody went out of their way to buy him a wedding gift when he got married.

Another reason why you can’t criticize RG3 over the wedding registry thing is because he said “Thank You”. I’m not just talking about a tweet, either. Griffin and his fiance sent hand-written thank you notes to each and every person that bought him a gift on that registry. On top of that, he put his John Hancock. Shoot, I wish I would’ve known about that registry. I would’ve bought him some napkins or something…

Unacceptable Reason For Scrutiny Number Two: Weekly Press Conferences

I don’t see what the problem is with the Redskins making RG3 available once a week for a press conference. If it’s not at Redskins Park, or wherever they hold it, then the media would follow him around or, worse, follow the other players around trying to get information about RG3 and his rehabbing knee. Besides, it’s not like he’s saying anything stupid in the pressers anyways. He’s answering questions, joking with the media, and just being a great ambassador for the team.

This also takes some of the spotlight and pressure off of a Redskins team that will certainly have a lot of pressure to repeat last seasons stellar and somewhat surprising playoff run. Letting the media focus in on Griffin, who is more than capable of handling that attention, allows the team more time to prepare other players for the season. Besides, I’d listen to an RG3 press conference all day. It’s a blast.

Unacceptable Reason For Scrutiny Number Three: Any Other Reason You May Have

RG3 has done absolutely nothing wrong. Sure, he probably shouldn’t have tried to play through that knee injury in the playoff game. But, he admitted to that very thing later in the offseason. Other than that, RG3 has been an absolute dream and has handled himself with the dignity and grace of 10 year NFL veteran. He’s chosen his words carefully, is all about the fans all the time, and is a great football player to boot. Sure, you can criticize his playing style and say he’ll be out of the league in five years, but you can’t criticize his character.

Some blew up when Griffin bought a $2.5 million mansion just last week. What’s wrong with that? Compared to the price tag that other NFL stars have paid for their homes, $2.5 million is pretty reasonable. There are non-NFL stars and non-celebrity people that spend way more than that for a home.

Bottom line, people (and I know this doesn’t apply to all of you), leave the guy alone. RG3 has been a dream quarterback for the WashingtonRedskins. It’s been a while since Dan Snyder has had quarterback that didn’t say or do something stupid off the field. Let RG3, be RG3, because there is nothing wrong with how RG3 does RG3.

I just have one more quick thought: What’s Donovan McNabb going to do if/when Alfred Morris upgrades from that 1991 Mazda 626?


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