Overcoming A Disability, Tony Tatum Blazes His Own Trail Into AFL

Tatum, 2, carries the football. (Photo: Gallaudet Athletics)

A native of Arkansas, Tony Tatum was born with a mom, a dad, a brother, and a sister. He and his family moved to Alabama when he was the age of seven.

Tatum is a basketball player first, and a football player second. He didn’t first start playing football until his junior year of high school. That didn’t last long, however, as he broke his ankle. Tatum decided to stick to his first love of basketball.

“I was a defensive minded player on the basketball court. I wasn’t very good offensively in high school but I was a pretty good shutdown defender. So I focused on working real hard defensively,” said Tatum.

Up to this point in the article you may be thinking, Wow. He was a basketball player first and hasn’t played much football. But, he’s pretty good so that’s pretty cool. Well, that isn’t the only thing about Tony Tatum that separates him from other football players.

Tony Tatum, is also hearing impaired. Continue reading


Redskins Yearbook: Alfred Morris

(Photo: The Source)

In the final edition of “Redskins Yearbook”, we revisit The Skinny On Sports EXCLUSIVE interview with Alfred Morris. As you should know, and if you don’t shame on you, Morris blossomed into quite the running back for the Redskins and the thunder to RG3’s lighting.  Continue reading

Redskins Yearbook: Jordan Bernstine

(Photo: Blog So Hard Sports)

In this series called “Redskins Yearbook”, I will go back and revisit and repost interviews I’ve done with three of the Redskins rookies from last season. The first in this series is safety Jordan Bernstine.  Continue reading

For Redskins Tevita Stevens, All He Needs is an Opportunity

Stevens, 54, was signed by the Redskins following the draft.

Stevens, 54, was signed by the Redskins following the draft.

Whenever somebody mentioned the Utah Utes this draft season, the first, and maybe only, name that came to mind was Star Lotulelei. However, the Redskins recently signed undrafted rookie free agent offensive lineman Tevita Stevens from Utah. He recently sat down to tell me his story… Continue reading

NFL Draft Sleepers: Philander Browder

If you asked Philander Browder to classify himself as a football player, his answer would be very simple.

“I’m an athlete.”

Browder was born in Birmingham, Alabama the oldest of four children. At the time of his birth, his father was a drug dealer in Birmingham. At the age of three, his father turned his life around and became a pastor. Continue reading